A War of Matters

In the void of the hedron, all was calm, all was quiet. A feeling of loneliness and despair prevailed but with no one to sense it.

Out of the white, dropped a black sphere that blotted upon the canvas. It spread even faster than the light which was witnessing the birth of the Universe. As it pushed its boundaries during Inflation, it created Space and Time in every direction it spread. Call it a boon or a curse, it was The Universe’s destiny to continue his task till the end of eternity.

Meanwhile, in the chaos of creation, two entities were born whose fates had been intertwined since their conception. Two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang, who would alter the course of life forever.

Gravity’s characteristics were akin to that of a noble knight and his objective was simple. With his powers, he aimed to bring the scattered pieces caused by the blot together, as one cohesive unit. He deemed that Universe’s work was in vain unless he put a value to it by giving the gift of life. He toiled hard, to achieve his dream of beings with consciousness who could sense and appreciate his gift.

On the other hand, a terrorizing darkness was brewing within the black heart of Dark Matter. Born and brought up in discord, all he knew was to push apart anything which came in its path. With his properties being intangible and unknown, stopping this adversary was not a mere mortal’s task.

What would happen when this unstoppable force would meet an immovable object is only something Time could tell.

In the ensuing 500 million years Gravity would put his plan in effect. He formed galaxies from bare matter, their collisions birthed stars whose cores created the basic elements for the planets surrounding them. There were various aspects to his creations: Solar Systems to provide life a habitat, asteroids to jumpstart life on said planets, nebulas as eye candy, black holes to devour anything in their path including light and so on, all of them forming a flourishing system.

All of his creations were spectacles and provided breath-taking experiences for the life that observed them from various planets. He formed superclusters of galaxies and ruled over this dimension as the dominant force declared by The Universe.
He became vain of his unbreakable strength and convinced himself that his rule would never terminate. Little did he know that The Universe had other plans.
His complacence and bigotry opened the door for his arch-nemesis to gain the upper hand. Dark Matter was working in the shadows. While Gravity was busy tunnel visioning on his creations, Dark Matter had already grasped the bigger picture.

On the day of reckoning, he broke open Gravity’s door. Gravity was furious but also shocked, never before had an entity come equal to his power, let alone overcome it. As they stood in front of each other, Gravity could feel the dark power overwhelming him. With his sinister smile, Dark Matter spoke:

“Since our conception, I have waited for this singular moment, courtesy of Time.”

Gravity was puzzled, What are you talking about?

“Look over the horizon of your puny galaxies and tell me what you see?

Gravity stepped forward to gaze upon his kingdom and was shocked. It seemed as if everything he had ever created had vanished before his eyes.
“NO, what trick is this, to cast away this illusion?”

Dark matter chuckled to himself, ”You are a fool to believe that this is an illusion. I have spread apart your creations to the ends of Space for them to never interact with each other for the rest of infinity.”

Gravity threw himself into a frenzy unable to comprehend his current state while witnessing his own demise. Dark Matter stood beside him and uttered his last cold lines:

“You and I think alike, we take The Universe in our hands and mould him to our wills. Our powers are meaningless unless they are used. You may have won all our battles, but I have won the war.”

Gravity turned around looking at his docile subjects who he had gathered. As they looked around them in every direction, all they could see was blackness.

A feeling of loneliness and despair prevailed throughout Space and Time, but this time, there was someone to sense it.

Kaushik Shroff, Aditya Muley

-Poster Credits: Arsh Patne

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