Dear Santa,

I’m sitting in the old armchair by the fireplace, snuggled in the childhood blanket I used to obsess over as the cold’s gotten my nose as red as Rudolph’s. I hear father scolding my two over-enthusiastic 4-year old cousins for what seems like their twentieth helping of our traditional plum cake prepared by granny. It’s also hard to miss the heated argument between mother and granny revolving around the preparation of the highlight of the grand feast tonight – the big fat turkey; the thought of which simply refuses to leave my mind alone. I see the heavenly Christmas tree from here, the ribbons, dazzling lights and candies look impeccably adorable. It sure was worth all the effort!

I just peered through the tiny window by the chair and ho! It truly is a sight to behold! The houses across the street twinkling with multicoloured and flashing lights, the city church with its breath-taking decorations, the road to which now alive more than ever, the sound of jingling bells symbolising the birth of Christ, carols sung in the distance with those flawless harmonies and greens and reds flashing here and there is purely magical!

While I’ve been advised to cease communications with you and repeatedly warned that all you are is an element of fiction and that there does not really exist a portly, jolly, white-bearded man with an army of elves and a flying reindeer, here I am, with utmost conviction that the red light I saw in the sky a while ago, had to be you. I must say I’m a little dejected that you never proved them wrong. However, I’m not writing to bring up old grievances. This note is more to bury the hatchet and see if things can be patched up as another year comes to an end.

You’ve taught us all the joy in giving, the principles of karma and most importantly, how to believe in something fiercely. All throughout my childhood, I’ve written you letters every year without fail, with an incessant demand for video games, dresses, ipads and whatnot! However, all I want for Christmas this year is unity, peace and strengthened bonds of love all over the world. Soften every heart, so that we would be drawn closer to Jesus. May He open our eyes to truth and light and show mercy to us all! I hope this Christmas marks the unity of mankind and as another year unfolds, may we all embark on this new chapter of our lives with renewed vigour, hope and joy.

Yours lovingly

The child in each one of us

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