Mom’s got your back.

I heaved a deep sigh as her shadow went out of my sight. She had come to see me off at the station with the same proud eyes she had in my childhood, only with tears this time.

Mother – an angel sent on earth to help and nurture you unconditionally both mentally and physically. A bond so pure and immense, even words fall short to translate it for the mind to grasp. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that every day is mother’s day.

From the day she is conceives till the day they part, she never lets go of her baby’s hand. It doesn’t take long for her hand to grow – the one which once only held her mom’s finger. The child is awash in her mother’s warmth and love. The mother which slaps its child for its mischief never resists cooking a sweet supper too, to translate bitter tears into conscious lessons. The way she treats her child’s wounds would put any nurse to shame. Out she comes with her warmth and compassion, showers it over children and changes them from foes to friends in no time.

The child now has to get ready to face the world, he goes to school. The mother puts in everything for her child’s welfare. The child does not realize what her mom is doing every second for her, and out of a sense of suffocation bursts out on her mother. The mother, calmer than ever, takes it all in and exhales what she thinks is best for her child. And like always, it works. Like a potter she moulds the clay of her child’s life.

The child now has his own family to look after. Though her body may not agree to the tedious physical work for her child, her love is warmer than the cookies she still bakes for her child with a secret ingredient – care.

She recites all the verses she’s learned on her way to her child so as to enable her daughter to flourish yet more richly.

I’ve found my mom standing by me every time I needed a hand. It’s an experience so common that when you’ve been through a process with your mom by your side, a thought never fails to cross your mind-“I don’t know where i would have ended up had she not been there”. It’s a beautiful mash of emotional pulses, jumping from happy to sad. Happy for being lucky and sad for realizing you can’t be with her forever. Be it an anxious phone call before a performance or a late Sunday night science project, she always has something up her sleeve and it always works for me. A mystery everyone can relate to.

And how do we celebrate this love? Mother’s day. Even a life’s time wouldn’t suffice to thank for what a mom gives. Make every day count. Make her feel how warm our lives are with her, not letting go of the fact that she deserves every single day of ours. Make her food, she’ll love the fact you are trying to make her happy. Give her flowers on a random evening, take her out for dinner. Specified days can’t promulgate the idea that it’s only necessary to have a dated mother’s day to make her happy and feel loved. It can’t and shouldn’t be wrapped in a single day, instead let your mom smell the scent of all the flowers of love you have in you for her EVERY SINGLE DAY.


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